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RadioTracker - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?
Radiotracker is compatible with all Windows-PC platforms (recommended: Windows XP with 500 MHz).
Requires DSL internet access

What quality do the recorded tracks have?
You have the option to decide the quality of the tracks. Radiotracker makes it possible for you to
choose a minimum quality - only radiostations, which comply, are used.

How can I add a favourite radiostation to Radiotracker?
To add  a radio station simply go to 'Stations' Dialog Window, click on the 'Add by URL' button and enter the stations' URL. The only condition is for the stream to support shoutcast.

Can I install a new Version of Radiotracker over an old Version?
Yes, as long as the major version hasn't changed (first digit of version number). The Licence information are preserved.
The favourites and wishlist are lost, although. This can be prevented by backing up the "rtdb" file in the Radiotracker list and copying it back after the installation. The 'rtdb' is indeed considerably up-dated and can fulfill the wishlist clearly better

Is there a Help-Function?
Yes, by hitting the F1 tab on your keyboard, you will get online help.








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